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When Cynthia came to her first Duncan dance class at Smith College in 1981, I had already seen her in ballet class and was impressed with her strong technique. After seeing her dance in the Duncan class I told her that she looked as if she had been doing this her whole life!

She took to Duncan dance so easily, and made it her own right away. She had an innate talent to observe, analyze and pick up on the total movement. I considered her a beautiful dancer and the most talented Duncan dancer at Smith, and so she became the soloist in the film 'The Enduring Essence'.

As a teacher she has a wonderful gift. Her classes are sound and well organized and children blossom under her tutalage. She has an unselfish, magnanimous spirit to share everything she knows and loves about dance.

Of all the dancers I've known she is the most at peace with herself as a dancer.

Gemze de Lappe